Frequently Asked Question
Frequently Asked Question
Why use Cheetah VPN?
The Cheetah VPN is free to access any website and App, no matter where you are, break the regional Internet restrictions like hotel, office, school etc…
  1. Break through Internet restrictions and censorship
    Cheetah VPN's servers cover more than 11 countries and regions around the world. No matter where you are, you can easily break through the network restrictions and enter the free Internet world anonymously
  2. Improve streaming speed
    Cheetah VPN servers are no bandwidth and traffic restrictions, supporting P2P and BT download, when you are browsing the web, watching video, playing games online, you will experience the extreme fast speed.
  3. Ensure your privacy and security
    Using encryption technology to encrypt your online data, even top hackers will take thousands of years to crack, allowing you to enjoy extreme security in the online world.

What services can I access using the Cheetah VPN?
The Cheetah VPN helps you secure access to a range of online TV shows (youku, iQIYI), social media sites, and news providers.
About subscription
What can I get for my subscription?
Each subscription has full rights to access Cheetah VPN and server locations.You can download the Cheetah VPN app on every devices.
How do I pay for my subscription?
Cheetah VPN accepts credit cards, alipay, WeChat pay.
About connection and platform
How many devices can be connected to the Cheetah VPN at the same time?
One subscription can be used on two devices at once, regardless of platform you sign in .You can install the Cheetah VPN on each every of your devices, but only two devices can use Cheetah VPN service concurrently.
What devices and platforms does the Cheetah VPN support?
Cheetah VPN is perfectly compatible with iOS and android, supports multiple devices online at the same time, and protects all your devices.
How to check if I have successfully connected?
Check on the top of app main page.If the connection is successful, you will see “connected” appear on the bar.
About privacy and security
Will Cheetah VPN record my data?
Cheetah VPN is a privacy-focused company that does not store users activity logs or connection logs. The Cheetah VPN does collect some minimal information about the use of our service to identify and solve technical problems, but this information will not be used to link you to any particular activity or behaviour.
Does Cheetah VPN safe?
Yes! while using Cheetah VPN, you are safe.
Chat support
I still have some questions, how to contact real-time chat support
If you have additional questions or encounter any problem, please contact the Cheetah VPN support team by clicking the icon appears at the bottom right corner of this page.
About the refund
How can I get my refund if something goes wrong with the payment?
Other questions